"When I Drink…"

A commenter at Elysium Revisited insists that contra the advice of bachelor guides, it is perfectly okay to drink in a bar while trying to pick up women:

When I drink I am not only bolder, but miraculously, sharper and wittier–not only i am more outgoing, but I seem to be able to discuss “serious” topics in a more compelling way. It’s only at about the 10-12 drink point, at the end of the night, that I start to get sloppy, but at that point you’re supposed to have sealed the deal anyway.

I think “seem” is the most important word in that sentence.

2 Responses to “"When I Drink…"”

  1. Coates Bateman Says:

    I wonder if the notion ‘I’ve seemed to have sealed the deal’ crossed the commenter’s mind.

  2. Kashmir Hill Says:

    Sounds like a winner to me. I like the word “miraculously.”

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