More on "The Neg"

After posting about that technique at Andrew Sullivan’s blog I got lots of interesting feedback from reachers. Their arguments and my responses are here.

One Response to “More on "The Neg"”

  1. banflaw Says:

    As deplored roissy says, game’s a state of mind. That is a state whereby one convinces oneself to take rejection in the spirit of experimentation — one being engaged, exactly, in a game. (Think of the adverb ‘gamely’.) Almost by accident this bulks up confidence, until one has the years of experience of women over which Sr. roissy lays his comicbook biomechanics to give a reapplicable, marketable theory of swordsmanship.

    Yet the success comes by the frame: that very detachment or amusement of mastery (his words) which allows one to step back from one’s emotional mind, as a player in chess, and coin theories about it. This is the ‘alpha mentality’ as manufacturable in born betas — ‘I stare at my shoes and awkwardly slide my pinky in and out of my buttonhole whilst trying to think up some elaborate calculus-based metaphor to express the pleasant roundness of her cheeks’ — who become alphas of unconcern.

    It can I suppose be sustained only so long as they can gratify their ‘beta’ souls playing a back of successive beasts with beautiful girls, eights and nines. Which is a long time.

    (roissy’s idiom ‘to run game’ — like a program with its programmer behind it, assessing performance but uninvolved. And the way his RSS is called, after a popular post, ‘Best *Costume* Ever’ [my italics].)

    What I want to get at: Game is not the strategy but the ‘mentality’ in love of a strategist. As long as he is distracted from his losses by his past and prospective wins, he is winning.

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