Opening Remarks

How to sum up The Weekly Standard’s staff blog?

Posts are invariably anti-Obama, against the Democratic agenda on health care, pro-war (it hardly matters where), in favor of any possible military expenditure or procurement, against any military cut, against any decrease in America’s nuclear arsenal, very likely to mention Mary Jo Kopechne any time Ted Kennedy comes up, critical of the stimulus (especially as executed by the Obama Administration), against Sotomayor, and hawkish on Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and anywhere else where a debate exists wherein an American can be a hawk.

After perusing large swaths of the archives, the most striking thing I notice about the blog is its consistency, or predictability, or however you want to characterize it — on any given topic, one needn’t really peruse the post or follow its arguments to know where the author is going to come down. Perhaps later this week I can create templates so that you too can predict what will appear on the site.


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