Once again I find myself perplexed by the alternate universe occupied by Victor Davis Hanson.

He writes:

A largely center-right country that polls consistently conservative apparently is beginning to think it was had in the election of 2008. A weak McCain campaign, weariness after eight years of Bush, fascination with a charismatic African-American landmark candidate, fright after the September 2008 meltdown, and Obama’s centrist “purple” rhetoric all provided the margin of victory, but apparently not the margin for an intended remake of America in which the daily conditions under which we live and see the world (buying a Chevy, going to the mailbox on Saturday, attending the doctor, viewing Israel, making claims on Medicare, paying taxes, trying terrorists, etc.) would be radically altered in just a year.

Is he implying that President Obama secretly wanted to transform America into a country where people no longer buy Chevy automobiles, pay taxes, try terrorists, receive Medicare, or check the mail on Saturday? That’s transparently absurd, but what else could the paragraph above mean?


One Response to “Incomprehensible”

  1. mfarmer Says:

    I think he means all these things have been altered.

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