Three Cheers for The Daily Caller

In a blog post at Legal Insurrection that describes The Daily Caller as a failure, William A. Jacobson says this:

The mainstream media and left-wing blogosphere (including Huffington Post) are all over every move the RNC and Republicans make, while ignoring and covering up any and all possible problems in Democrat land.

Daily Caller may have earned a news cycle by piling on, but it hasn’t earned any respect. From anyone.

Mr. Jacobson is mistaken on the narrow point — The Daily Caller earned my respect by scooping the competition on a substantive story and following up on it, and I can report that several others I’ve spoken to feel the same way. More importantly, what I take to be Mr. Jacobson’s larger point is wrongheaded. The mainstream media isn’t “all over” every move made by the RNC, and right-of-center outlets do a great service to our side of the political spectrum when they shed light on movement institutions squandering money, exercising poor judgment, or operating under inept leadership.

It’s as if a certain kind of movement blogger doesn’t understand that corruption in conservative institutions hurts the right, while rooting out corruption strengthens it. In the name of ideological loyalty, these misguided souls lavish respect on right-of-center figures who cover for the GOP, apparently blind to the fact that this fraud enables the rot to spread. Spendthrift GOP operatives, corrupt politicians, and intellectually dishonest conservative commentators persist in greater numbers than they otherwise would because people like Mr. Jacobson are married to the narrative that the media is biased against the right, therefore every right-leaning site should criticize the left exclusively.

In reality, folks on the right should be most heavily invested in uncovering deeds that weaken their institutions, and they’re in a far better position to uncover, understand, and report on those deeds than a CNN producer or a Huffington Post columnist. Three cheers for The Daily Caller. I don’t much care for the Republican Party, having long ago lost faith in every partisan institution in America, but lots of folks on the right are invested in the RNC, the organization wields a lot of power, and if it’s squandering its resources, we’re all better served knowing about it.

I see that several big Republican donors seem to agree.


2 Responses to “Three Cheers for The Daily Caller”

  1. mfarmer Says:

    The Republican Party needs a total housecleaning if it’s going to distinguish itself from the Democrat Party. We probably disagree on what needs to be cleaned out — however, corruption and waste I think is a point of agreement.

  2. jcalton Says:

    Your point about “rooting out corruption” competing with “ideological loyalty” is echoed in the Scientologists’ response to Anderson Cooper’s 5-part series (which they hadn’t seen)
    on violent management in the international arm of that organization. Wouldn’t they want this investigated and the offending officer(s) thrown out?

    Wouldn’t anyone, at ANY organization, want to eject the bad apples…especially the ones in upper management who get paid with member money to represent the organization?

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