Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers

In a post arguing that Sarah Palin doesn’t owe John McCain anything, John Guardiano wonders why the former Alaska governor is campaigning for the longtime Arizona Senator.

I don’t know the answer, but the more I think about it, the less sense it makes that Tea Party types like former Governor Palin so much. Think about it. Folks in the conservative movement dislike John McCain, and are suspicious of folks who like him. They also dislike politicians who say things they don’t believe to get elected.

Sarah Palin spent campaign 2008 talking about how wonderful John McCain is. If she really believes this, why doesn’t it worry Tea Partiers who hate John McCain? If she doesn’t really believe that McCain would make a good president, doesn’t it bother them that she campaigned for him, and especially that now, when the White House isn’t at stake, she continues to campaign for him?

Either Sarah Palin is a John McCain loving Republican or she is a liar.

Neither of those traits are generally acceptable to Tea Partiers.

Yet they love Sarah Palin.


9 Responses to “Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers”

  1. mfarmer Says:

    I agree that she let loyalty and a sense of debt trump principles. She should’ve talked to McCain straightforwardly to present her dilemma and then graciously backed away. I have a feeling her emotional ties to McCain as a human being (sort of like a favorite uncle) she grew fond of, despite the awkwardness and conflicts of their campaign inner-workings, motivated her decision.

  2. dougem Says:

    Aren’t we lucky that Mccain wasn’t elected President? I mean here’s a guy that is on the wrong side of one vote and he says he’s won’t cooperate with any thing for the rest of the year. WOW a president with that kind of attitude would have already pushed the red button to launch the nukes at somebody he didn’t agree with. All I can say is phew.. we got lucky on that one.

  3. mfarmer Says:

    The problem with McCain is that he’s not deep or philosophical-minded, just a grumpy, egotistical, statist Republican.

    • ncfrommke Says:

      Off point, but what’s this business with the term, lately an insult, “statist”? Coming from Libertarians, it make sense, and doesn’t seem hypoctitical at all; but I’ve heard a lot of Conservatives using it lately, as though they’ve forgatten that from 2001-2006, they WERE the State.

  4. deosil Says:

    JD Hayworth said AFTER $arah stumps for McCain they will welcome her with open arms…I don’t get it either, but there you have it. $he can have both ways, as she doesn’t represent anything solid anyway it makes sense.

    $arah is thick, Rush is thick, Hayworth is thick. We are NEVER going to be able to communicate what a trainwreck we view $arah as…they don’t get it, they don’t want it, it is never going to happen…just like peace in the mideast, it just AIN’T gonna happen, even though we may wish it be be.

    $arah is the siren of the half wits, and they will follow forever….the song of stupid.

  5. Simon Roberts Says:

    The Tea Party movement is not an attack on the left of the left so much as it is a repudiation of the house-pet conservatives. The “useful idiots” angling for jobs as the token conservative at the Huffington Post or NYT. It is a movement that is sick of biting its tongue; it speaks the truth in plain language, damn the consequences.

  6. ncfrommke Says:

    John Stein, Lyda Green, Frank Murkowski… Darling $arah has a perfect record of betraying mentors/sponsors the picosecond that it becomes advantageous to her to do so. If she’s currently offering support to John McCain, it’s because she’s calculated that he’s still useful to her.

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