Holding Up a Mirror

Once again, Mark Levin has taken to his Facebook page to attack me.

Moron alert

http://theamericanscene.com/archive/?author=Conor+Friedersdorf & click on the 3rd article’A few final thoughts’

This guy is like chewed bubble gum sticking to the bottom of your sneaker. His references to “Manzi” are now an obsession. I guess he never read this http://www.heartland.org/full/27646/NROs_Manzi_Mischaracterizes_Global_Warming_Debate.html Or doesn’t know how to respond to it. Or doesn’t care. As I said, moron.

Nixonian “moderates” like Friedersdorf not only share Nixon’s contempt for conservatives, but their character is such that they cannot be honest with themselves or those they seek to influence for they lack integrity — intellectual and otherwise. A pathetic and petulant little boy.

Intimidated by the idea of productive debate in a neutral form, the talk radio host is quick to use social media to score cheap rhetorical points. The most surprising part, if you’re uninitiated into his world, is the sycophantic reaction of his Facebook followers. Think that’s an exaggeration? Below are the comments immediately following the screed excerpted above:

Lest I be accused of failing to include the most powerful critiques of his audience:

So there you go.

5 Responses to “Holding Up a Mirror”

  1. Mark Adomanis Says:

    Sometimes, on very pleasant and enjoyable days, I think that human beings are fundamentally decent, inquisitive, and intelligent creatures.
    Then, after remembering that Mark Levin and dozens of others like him make tens of millions of dollars selling the intellectual equivalent of farting noises, I snap back to my senses and realize that most people are thoroughly uninterested in having their beliefs challenged and will, in fact, support almost anyone who tells them what they want to hear.

  2. Zach Hensel Says:

    The article Levin links to is incredible: People who believe in global warming are almost all liberals because I said so; they ignore evidence to believe in global warming because they’re looking for any excuse to enact a one world government solution!

    If that’s emblematic of the sort of logic Levin finds dispositive, what’s the point?

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  5. misterparaphrastic Says:

    A couple things about Levin, who’s still an obscure figure to the world at large:

    1) He’s an egomaniac. He constantly touts his supposed power. He claims other people steal the terms he coins.

    2) Ad hominem is the only card he’s got when it comes to dealing with criticism. Rather than engage with what anybody says, he insults them, says they’re pathetic nobodies, and smears them as leftists.

    3) He lives in a completely delusional world, where liberals are secretly communists, and the ones in office make decisions not to seek positive outcomes or please constituents, but to control and enslave Levin’s listeners.

    4) His fans eat up this BS and treat the man as if he were a deity.

    He’s entertaining, especially his habit of yelling a lot right before commercials. But that he actually has influence is worrisome.

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