How to Argue with Andrew Breitbart

[youtubevid id=”Xu1D2cWgAzA”]

5 Responses to “How to Argue with Andrew Breitbart”

  1. nancydanielson Says:

    At the end of the Day, sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can really hurt you. That being said, in the video, Shirley Sherrod accused those who did not support The Health Care Bill of being racist, when we all know The Health Care Bill is not a race to begin with. Such accusations are part of the problem, not the solution. This should be addressed before Shirley Sherrod is reinstated.

  2. nancydanielson Says:

    Does this mean that the only real racists are the ones referred to in the video, all those who did not support The Health Care Bill?

  3. davidlosangeles Says:

    Mr. Friedersdorf,

    This is the second of your animated editorials I have seen. It is not bad, I rather enjoyed it. If I may be so presumptuous as to offer some advice, I would say that while I have not qualms about the content, the style could use some work. The two characters, while of different genders, were essentially identical. I do not mean just that they both wore red pull over tops and gray slacks but rather (or additionally) that they speak in the same fashion. They need different voices, they need to use different vocabularies and have different rhythms. It will make the effort more enjoyable.

    So good work.

  4. Daniel Oppenheimer Says:

    Brilliant! I’ve literally been waiting for years for someone to break down this kind of rhetorical strategy for dealing with all the Breitbart types. If you ever feel like writing a longer essay that gets into the analysis underlying the approach outlined here, and offers some more theoretical explanations of why certain rhetorical tactics do and don’t work when confronting thugs like Breitbart, I’d be excited to read it.

  5. voxoctopi Says:

    If you must present your ideas in a dialectic format, why not do so via Bloggingheads? Your speech is more interesting than a computer’s.

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